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von ManMountain
Fr 8. Jul 2016, 11:46
Forum: Produktübergreifende Themen
Thema: O & O product UI consistency
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O & O product UI consistency

I enjoy using your software products and consider them to be the best in the business for the specific tasks they target. But if I view the products as a whole, the user interface's differ greatly. Personally I consider the most stylish and informative interface in your products to be DiskImage. It ...
von ManMountain
Fr 8. Jul 2016, 11:31
Forum: O&O DiskImage
Thema: DiskImage crashes
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DiskImage crashes

Using DiskImage 11 build 61, if I image my SSD drive to a HDD drive, the operation completes sucessfully. Issue 1: If I want to simply retreive a few files from that image to then restore to my current OS, the product wording states: "If you only need to restore a single personal file or folder...
von ManMountain
Do 7. Jul 2016, 19:39
Forum: O&O SafeErase
Thema: Unlock setting
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Unlock setting

Just a suggestion but when using Safe Erase free space across multiple drives, could an option be added in settings that will allow the user to permit the program to over-ride and unlock drives, rather than having to manually do so in the latest version?

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