[EN] DiskImage - new SID issues. Conflict between clone and OS. Other strange things

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[EN] DiskImage - new SID issues. Conflict between clone and OS. Other strange things

Beitrag von Steaua10 » Mo 8. Nov 2021, 15:52

I have a PC with 3 HDDs. I decided to clone my Windows 7 Ultimate x86 from one HDD to another one, and maybe to use the in paralel, in fork mode.
Yesterday I used O&O DiskImage Professional Edition and I checked the option in menu Tools > Change Computer Properties > Generate new SID. After this I encountered some multiple major issues.

Beside these 2 OS I have 2 more Win OSs and I think DiskImage has generated new SIDs for them as well.

Seems that now the main OS and the clone are conflicting somehow between them.
With EasyBCD I added the new clone to Windows Boot Menu.
When trying to boot into the clone, strange things happens.
First of all - I receive a strange message some 5-6 times - "Recycle Bin corrupted..." for every single OS from my PC.
My Windows settings and preferences were reseted to defaults, or at least the Windows Notifications/Action Center was reseted and I began to receive notifications about Defender, Firewall, Windows Update Service - notifications which previously were disabled and should not appear. Ok, this is not really an issues.

More important>
All cookies and passwords in my main browser Opera are lost, gone, and I'am logged out everywhere I was logged in. Moreover, for some reason the Speed Dial of my Opera browser was damaged / deleted, and it dissappeared completely. Also all my Opera extensions for some reason were deleted by DiskImage. I succeded to restore them and Speed Dial from the cloned OS.

Why there is no info notice / disclaimer at "Generate new SID " that there can appear such issues?
Can I rollback that action (new SID generation) to restore my systems to previous state?

I was happy after the use of M.I.R. function of DiskImage, but after the incident caused by feature new SID generation, I am disappointed and angry... Only if I knew about such possible issues... Now I need to try to restore somehow my systems at previous state of things...

And again about main OS and clone. Main OS is on partition C: on disk 1 while clone is on partition I: on disk 2. When booting into the clone, it somehow fakes the boot or mixes it, and the OS anyway works on C:. Seems that the clone remained linked/connected to the main OS, and I must probably broke any link or connection between them.