How to disable start screen (Unofficial)

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How to disable start screen (Unofficial)

Beitrag von bitblaster » Mo 5. Sep 2022, 23:12

Hello all,

I couldn't take it anymore and started tinkering around with how to disable the start screen. Here's the easiest way I found.
This works on both versions 18 and 19.

Just rename or delete the following file in the boot.wim file found in the "SOURCES" folder of the ISO, CDROM or USB build.
Program Files\OOBC\BlueConShell.exe

(I just rename it to "")

It take's little bit of work after modify the boot.wim file after the image is built, and it may be especially fun if you using an .iso or CDROM but I found it well worth the time.

Let's just hope the developers give us a check box or option to turn it off when building the image in a future update or version.